Word Processing

Perfect eData India offers Word Processing Services both on-site and off-site. We recommend a blended approach so on-site employees can be accessed for timely and simple revisions, while larger and more time-consuming services can be completed by an off-site dedicated team

Holding extensive experience and domain knowledge, our professionals are adroit at applying various templates, borders and techniques to design and format your documents, as per your specific requirements. To efficiently manage your data, they use the most appropriate format, font-face, font-size, and page layout while processing your word documents, thus enabling you suitably structure and easily access and retrieve business-critical information, as and when required.

Our team utilizes the applications and other programs such as MS Word, Corel Word Perfect, etc. to record, store, and review the index cards, letters, memos, questionnaire, and other essential reports.

Perfect eData India Export undertakes both the small and large scale projects of various patrons such as authors, individuals, students, legal firms, publishing companies, corporates, etc. We ensure to carry out the complete process with 100% perfection and will update you with the minute changes.

  • • Typing
  • • OCR spell checking
  • • Preserving header and footer
  • • Setting the charts, tables, and images
  • • Text auditing
  • • Text formatting and adjusting
  • • Conversion of any document format into Word format
  • • Storing and presenting the documents in a systematic order
  • • Setting up the hyperlinks and bookmarks