Online Data Entry Services

Perfect eData India has strategic and planned infrastructure with high speed internet connection. This enables us to offer high quality, professional, online data entry services that match your expectations but at affordable rates. Offshore data entry services employ professional, trained staff capable of delivering world class output but at a far lesser rate of pay. If you are looking for data entry India is one of the best bets with a pool of low cost yet capable talent. We leverage the advantages and offer internet enabled online data entry India based solutions that will efficiently and effectively take care of your operations with assured accuracy, total confidentiality and timely completion. This is in addition to the other data entry services, data conversion, data processing and back office operations we offer to clients all over the world.

How we operate

Data entry can be done offline or it can be carried out online in real time. Online data entry is also offered as a remote desktop data entry service. The time zone difference advantage works to your benefit since our staff can access and work on your computers during your off hours. We have dedicated systems and committed staff to log in remotely and carry out a variety of online data entry works such as xml data entry, excel data entry, data processing and data conversion. We collaborate with clients to set up a secure web-based interface that will give controlled access for online data entry, manual data entry and data processing and conversion task.

Benefits of online data entry

Online data entry of forms or virtually any type of data with processing ensures data is entered and saved directly into your systems, making it highly secure and safe. There is no need to send across documents. Only an assigned staff does one task and completes it through the secure web interface, again assuring confidentiality. Offshored services are world class yet cost a fraction of the price. You also get advantage of the time zone differences.

Please contact our service representative and discuss how Perfect eData India can partner your back-end operations to give you a cutting edge in a competitive global arena. Contact us or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]