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Consummate mastery in all aspects of data entry, data conversion and data processing is the hallmark of Florida Data Entry, a prime data entry India based BPO service provider. The same consummate excellence can be seen in our XML data entry services, a part of our offline data entry and online data entry service. XML data entry services are rather specialized since it calls for handling data formats such as number, character, decimal, integers, real numbers, money, Boolean operations, date and time. Not only do we have professional, capable staff for data organization and programming, we also have large numbers of specialists in XML data entry

We offer XML data entry services, in addition to excel worksheet data entry, business data entry and web online data entry services, data processing, data conversion and related outsourced back office operations, ideal in the following areas:

Hotel information, reservation and booking services that can be kept updated through XML data entry services offered by us

Real estate and property data entry listings for real estate websites that help them keep records updated and gain a cutting edge in their realtor business.

ERP-CRM, sales, purchase, inventory and other XML data entry services with internet and extranet integration to keep all aspects of your business operations up to date

These are but a few examples of the way our data entry India based offshore data processing services deliver immense value additions for business and service oriented organizations. Florida Data Entry’s professional mastery in this area of XML data entry helps optimize processes and since we follow W3C standards to validate XML data entry, you are assured of error free performance. We routinely include tags in the preparation of XML compliant documents while synchronizing with HTML data entry where required. Rather than an exception, it is standard procedure for us to check that the XML document conforms to Document Type Definition structure.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Perfect eData India

In addition to routine data entry India based services and professional XML data entry services, we also offer XML to HTML and SGML structured conversion all from a single point making it ideal for any form of electronic distribution. This is just what organizations need for their document management where our inputs prove essential and invaluable. Whether it is a simple project or a large, complex project, you can leave it to us for professional, timely and cost efficient outputs. We have served small and large business organizations, institutions and government agencies with our superior XML data entry and conversion services that also cover excel data entry and image data entry as may be needed by clients.

How Do We Do Handwritten Data Entry

Apart from world class professional services clients prefer Florida Data Entry services for our continuing support, full access from anywhere at any time for any queries and our very flexible, affordable pricing structure.

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Please contact our service representative and discuss how Perfect eData India can partner your back end operations to give you a cutting edge in a competitive global arena. Contact us or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]


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