Data Extraction Services

Web data extraction has become an essential utility for businesses looking to leverage big data to gain an edge in the competition. While there are different approaches to getting data from the web, a web data extraction service is the best option considering the high volume requirements of most business use cases.
Perfect eData India is a pioneer in web data extraction services and has the expertise and infrastructure required to extract data from any website and deliver it as continuous feeds, irrespective of the use case or industry vertical you are targeting.
You can extract web data without any limits when you choose Perfect eData India as your web data extraction partner as long as the target sites don’t legally disallow web data extraction. A feasibility study is done prior to setting up the crawlers to ensure there aren’t any legal blocks for going ahead with the web data extraction project.
Perfect eData focuses on extracting credible data that can provide you richer insights to identify business trends and patterns, previously unknown. Equipped with a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we can extract all kinds of data such as competitors, pricing, inventory, stocks, and business contact details, targeted email ids, URLs, etc., and compile it in a suitable file format.