Image Processing

Perfect eData India offers data processing, data mining, data conversion and document imaging and data digitalization. Specially our trained reliable staff of data processing give you 100% quality work which makes you complete satisfaction. We are ready to take on large long-term projects or short one-time jobs. Whether large or small, each project is treated with the same.

  • • Image editing – It is a significant part of the image processing service and the editing is carried out complete perfection as per your requirement.
  • • Image restoration – We work on a damaged image and make it useful for a specific purpose and will help to radiate a fresh image.
  • • Image retouching – Optimizing the image by modifying the color shades and adding the filters to the colors.
  • • Image enhancement – Helping our clients to remove the unwanted or the damaged elements from an image and ensuring effective image restoration.
  • • Image correction – Converting the image into a perfect format such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc. and making the necessary corrections to the irrelevant part of an image.
  • • Blemish removal – Helping you to remove or minimize the presence of blemishes from your image to make them look more clear and unique.
  • • Image cropping – Cutting down the images to a smaller size as per your needs.